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Im sorry but i just dont get it!!

Why the hell are people saying "ooh but with WINUAE you dont get exactly cycle 030 blitter emu on the vsync 50mhz blah de blah"


Ok how about having every amiga game ever instantly loading at the touch of a button, the ability to have a 500gb HD, every HDLOAD game accssible, custom screen modes. Speeds faster than an 060 with a decent pc. Hires GFX that your A500 could never dream of, the abilty to use any joypad rather than your 30 year old cruiser, multiple workbench configs, save states!

Or a real amiga that smells, is a musty yellow colour, modulator needs bending to get a colour display, slow clunky loading via disk, crap mouse, slow as hell WB which is next to impossible to be of any benefit. A computer the size of a small family hatchback sat on your desk. Having to search through thousands of game disks to find the one you want. Discovering your fave game has a disk read error.....

Dont get me wrong, i love my amiga(s) but the hardware is irreleant now. WINUA is the best emulator on any platform of any system. Everything i could do on my real amiga, i can do on WINUAE better.

For example, on my A1200 config i can have 8mb of chip ram!!! so animations in animated, octamed etc can store more sound samples.

What can you do on a real amiga that you cant on WINUAE?

probably some really anal coding demo that doesnt quite run at 58.23 mhz with accurate cpu timing zzzzzz
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