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I do think that in a small way AmiBay may be having an impact on, I dont think in germany/us or other places.. .... yet....

Indeed, people will always want a high price for their goods, however the simple basic truth is..

an item is only worth what some one is willing to pay for it, and what some one is willing to sell it for...

when these two meet you have an instance of sale.

This instance may effect other instances, as you suggest people will adjust their prices accordingly, as such over the last year I have seen 030's sold from £80 average to £120 average.

quite a leap in less than 2 years methinks. but this is communities market...

At the moment, accelerator hardware seems to command a premuim, even moto CPU's have jumped up from a base of £20 for a full core, to near £40 for the same thing.

although that could be in part due to the gold market....
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