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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Not what they are saying, apparently it will be a Falcon clone like they have made before. This means it should be full speed.
But they are 100% full of shit. I respect them for actually trying to create something but really we should nickname it : YAN (Yet Another NatAmi). One or two good engineers keeping their cards close to their chests about what they are doing, what the final result will be and when (which I respect) and a load of bullshitting non-technical wannabes hanging on around them making up stuff as they go. Really you should be ashamed of yourself for reading such crap.

Originally Posted by mosfet View Post
Apparently the newer versions of Coldfire have implemented all the missing 68k instructions and are binary compatible. That's what these guys reckon anyway.
This is a VERY VERY old post from a project that was canned. Most probably because it turned out to be many times slower than existing 060 (or even 040) solutions when running existing Amiga code.

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