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Many of us want to start some sort of online content distribution for Amiga games and programs, and there are also many games in development, but there are also too many people who can't understand why we need such a service (their thinking is that there's not enough money in it) and so it's hard to set something like this up. Our biggest problem is lack of funding to get something like this off the ground to start with, after it's running it shouldn't be hard to maintain and we just wait for the games to start filling up the database.

A topic about online distribution of budget priced Amiga software is just troll bait though, you might have people complaining that there aren't enough new Amiga games being developed to use, or some other bullshit excuse that only someone with extremely limited scope would come up with.

Luckily when you can see the whole picture all at once, a system like this makes a whole lot of sense and we're going to try our best to make it happen.
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