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Originally posted by fiath
Also, I am pretty sure you *can* rotate images in JavaScript
Must have been in JAVA, image rotation is impossible as Jim said. I told this to Amigaboy already

Does JPEG do transparency? We may need to use PNG to avoid some nasty issues.
No it doesn't, that's why I used PNG. I just cut as transparent the place where the holes would be
Loading images on the fly is not a problem with Flash MX, we could have one codewheel engine that would dynamically load any images from external sources BUT (and thsi is a big BUT), Flash MX only loads external JPEG images, not PNGs. So we poop in the transparency

Anyway, having the source .fla file, it wouldn't be too difficult to update the images! You wouldn't have to touch a bit of code since I can tell the flash file which image name it has to insert, from an external textfile.
1) Is it possible to use Sane's scans as externals files at that quality?
Err, I don't see the point in this really... They are HUGE, even at my 1280x1024 resolution. Why do you want them so big?
Besides, such huge files are bound to weigh a damn lot and would prolly slow down the performance of the flash file. Well, that's what I think, I didn't try.

Is it because you want to zoom in?
2) Having it start "vertical" would also be nice... But that may require a rescan - or rotation of the current ones...
I don't understand you fully on thsi one
3) I don't quite get the control system, is it easy to make it just "click (hold) and spin" ? (ah, I see - I have to be slow with it...)
You hold and spin. I can change the multiplier so you don't have to be so slow on it!
About jim's suggestions, it can be done by keyboard if you feel like it, and about snapping, that would mean each wheel had many different snapping methods, so it's pretty useless if I want to use one engine for many codewheels...

Anyway, let me know what you guys think, I'll work on it as time permits
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