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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
I guess I could create the CDR that xboxhdm will need on my laptop - then it should just be a question of booting from the CDR in a PC with my new hard drive attached to the IDE to prepare it
Sure is. It is very straight forward.

Remember that the C: drive that is available on FTP on most softmods is the virtual C: drive and will show all the unmodded files. You'll need to Softmod again if you make an xboxhdm CDR with those without re-applying NDure.

Also remember that if your hard drive is much larger than 250Gbytes then you will need to re-format with xbpartitioner to set the right cluster size for F:/ and or G:/. If you don't it will work fine for a while until it approaches 250GBytes full and overwrites the partition information.
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