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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
This is really great news. This is the best filesystem for classic Amigas. 68000 compatible, DirectSCSI. KS 1.3 compatibility is the only missing "feature" but perhaps it isn't too difficult when sources are available. (at least I am going to try..)
@Toni Wilen

Michiel seems to be having problems in retrieving the source files from the floppies. Would it be okay for you to receive such floppies and retrieve the files yourself and respect his distribution conditions, of course, this is an idea, I havent talked with Michiel yet.
The thing is that I am worried my floppy drive might kill those valuable floppies, and you seem to both have quite some good Amiga hardware, and enough knowledge to recover them if they have been somehow damaged during storage.
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