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This is the PFS3 feature list, for those that dont know much about this filesystem:

PFS Doctor, a repair program
User definable deldir up to 992 entries!
Extra long filenames, up to 100 characters (optional)
Improved long term performance, PFS3 hardly fragmentates !
HDInsttools for easy installation
Our own format command
Several bugfixes
superior performance. Up-to 500% improvement over FFS/DOS5!.
disk are always valid. No more 'validation disk'!
supports partitions upto 104 Gigabyte
supports harddisk sizes upto 2000 Gigabyte
works on all Amiga's/harddisks without the need for extra hard or software!
TD64 support
excellent reliability
concurrent access without performance loss. PFS3 handles simultaneous accesses very well!
easy file-recovery with the delete directory. Getting a deleted file back never was so easy.
automatically truncated logfiles. Get rid of those ever growing logfiles.
multiuser support
Special upgrade price for PFS2 users, NLG 89 including P&P.
68000, 68020, 68040 and 68060 optimized versions

Built-in interface for the live optimiser that is under development. This interface makes it
possible to optimise the disk without taking it off-line. When the disk is accessed during
optimisation, PFS2 will stop the optimiser, which can continue afterwards. A dormant optimiser
can even be automatically notified when the system is idle, making optimisation completely

improved testing procedures making PFS3 more stable and reliable then ever before.
enhanced documentation including programming docs (disk structure and special packets).
new versions of supplied tools (bug-fixes mostly), diskvalid etc
full support

early problem detection mechanism. The early problem detection mechanism detects problems with
your disk before it is too late, ensuring optimal protection of your data.

extended disk structure to make disk-repair easier
Comes on CD
PFS3 makes your Amiga faster!
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