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Originally Posted by Maren View Post
Here's my take.

320x216@30fps. Plays at full speed on WinUAE (no hard drive bottleneck, no hassle!) with the default A500 config + Cycle Exact using HAMP.RUN directly from AmigaDOS. This would probably run like hell on my real A500, but I can't be arsed to test it right now
Interesting, WinUAE probably isn't going to restrict I/O speeds to real A600/A1200 levels in the interests of emulation though probably.

There is always a way to maximise throughput but if the A600 IDE interface is the bottleneck even a 7200RPM 2.5 IDE drive won't help really.

Maybe if someone has the ICD Add-IDE on an A500 could try out some clips using a fast CF card<-->IDE adaptor for us?
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