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Originally Posted by Maren View Post
This is the kind of abusive socialist garbage that completely invalidates any point you may have against the company.

Their assets, their business, your rights over anything Amiga ended with the guarantee of whatever product/service you have have acquired from them, boohoo.
So basically you are defending asswipes like Amiga INC who purchased Amiga, and did nothing worth a damn with it?

My point is if you are going to actively enforce copyright on things like Kickstart ROMs and hamper the emulation community but never actually do anything you own this is wrong. and in that respect you are on your own defending these people.

And +1 for Cloanto are riding on the talented coat tails of emulator authors and original authors of Amiga apps and games. As much as Cloanto don't want to hear it, there are better Amiga discs out their for 90% less than their product.

Had Cloanto taken the money and made a visible and public investment in AROS I might have some respect for them. As it stands I hope the fact Amiga Inc is up shit street means they lose any possible claim to preventing the free distribution of Kickstart and Workbench images for the good of the Amiga community.

It's time for ALL money grabbing twats worldwide to leave Amiga alone and let it RIP in the hands of the users in the retro community, who loved and nurtured the damn thing more than [real] Commodore ever did. Amiga should be FREE for everyone..FREE emulator AND FREE Kickstart/Workbench images
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