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Originally Posted by killergorilla View Post
Look at the info in this guide, it should help

my friend, I noticed in the wiki the following

Originally Posted by wiki
Type the following information EXACTLY into the corresponding boxes
Mask = 0x7ffffffe (There are 6 f’s)
MaxTransfer = 0x1fe00
Blocksize = 512
Make sure you press Return after you enter each value. Now Click Ok This should return you to the partition screen. We now set Buffers = 100 (Again make sure to press Return)

I highlight the MASK as I am sure that this setting 0x7FFFFFFe is to use 24bit DMA moves, which the native IDE cannot use and could cause problems with some devices.

Thomas would know for sure, so I hope he's see the thread soon..

I have been using the following guides

as well as bloodwych's tutorials and thomas's guides too.

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