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Hiyas my friend,

I have set a couple of 40GB IDE drives up using this walkthrough and they have all worked very well.

however this is ONLY when I set this up on the native Amiga, I seem to get errors and problems when trying it on WinUAE.

Originally Posted by xc8 View Post

I am trying to install the SFS on my HD (CF).

When I add the filesystem is identified as 'international filesystem' (0x444f53003), but the instructions on say '53465300' (and I suppose to see the new fs as SFS/00)
1. copy the updated scsi.device to Devs:
2. copy SmartFileSystem to L:
3. copy sfsformat to C:


Now depending on which version of HDTools you are using, I am using the one that comes with ClassicWorkbench Advance and theres no SFS/00 option, just a Dos hex identifyer (where I type 0x53465300) you then add the file system in Change/Update to

l:SmartFileSystem ( this "smartfilesystem" needs to be copied to L: )
Dos Identifyer - 0x53465300
there rest doens't matter.

once done and you have set your partition sizes (although HDTools can only see 4GB chunks just work out in your head how many times you have seen this barrier)

Set Transfer Mask to 0xFFFFFFFF (8x F's) using the native Amiga ide this will default to 0xFFFFFFFE as it can only do 16 bit, even word transfers.

(holy crap! some of that document stuck in my head!)

Max transfers will be dependent on the device but the documents does suggest a value to use.

once the changes to the disk are saved, you will need to format that these for SFS.

I use the Command line so you will need to copy "sfsformat" to c:

sfsformat DEVICE <device> NAME <name> - i.e.

sfsformat DEVICE DH0: NAME Workbench

this will now quick format the device partition.

I have had some good success with this and I am currently setting up another large HDD with 2x 8GB partitions, one 14GB parition and a boot partition of 512MB, since it doens't need to be any bigger.

it is suggest to use atleast 100 buffers for the device in question (remember that this is 100x the block size which is 512bytes = 51200 bytes (50KB))

hope this helps my friend.

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