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Jim is back in the Amiga hardware scene* ! He is about to experence his first AGA Amiga

*OK - I still own 2 A500's but haven't used them for years.

I think I paid a honest price, I mean I've been looking specifically for a 3.1 Kickstart 1200 with 3.1 Manuals. I don't care about HD's or anything as I'll put my own in. I don't care about case colour as it will eventually go in a tower. Maybe the price was a little bit too much but who cares - I could've waited weeks for a cheaper 3.1 1200.

I was a bit concerned bidding against a 0-bidder towards the end, but I sniped in the last few seconds with my max bid (£30.01) and beat him. It's always good adding an extra penny !

And the good thing is I can now go on a drive down south and pick this lil beauty up today hopefully

Oh yeah, here's my new equipment:

(Sorry "erebos_the_lord_of_darkness" if you are browsing )

Any ideas on a try-once method of getting the HD working? Software/tools to use? It would be nice to feel I've got something extra out of this, and it'll be a few days until I get my HD conversion cable.

According to the seller he gets this message: I have noticed that when formatting HD:0 - an error occurs "cannot proceed on cylinder 2" (this is after I had already decided to bid when I didn't even know a HD was thrown in).
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