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Originally Posted by coze View Post
nice one there matt !

never had a TI, this game looks suspiciously similar to GoldBox titles, especially exploration/combat screen switching. I can see some SSI developers getting inspired by this one ... They seem to have forgotten to add the automap though in GoldBox titles you either have 'the' map (full map) or no map AFAIR ...
I never have either, but heard a lot about the game as I was doing my research for Dungeons & Desktops. I don't know if the Wizard's Crown guys actually played it or not, but it is definitely the same concept--and I'm not aware of anything like this earlier, though there were surely some strategy games with something similar. I agree with you about the awful automap in the Gold Box games. I never used it! I did find the official cluebooks very, very nice, though.
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