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Originally posted by fiath
Wow guys, you have been busy!

How about many versions:

1) Flash version - for anybody that can use it.
This is the main version, and has been prooved workable by my crappy laughed-at example, and Akira's beta working version.

2) Java version - for people who cannot use above (I can do this one)
This should be possible, but don't ask me !

3) Amiga version - as they probably cannot use either of the above (though the new Amiga's do Java AFAIK) - Done in whatever it best suited to the job.
I can handle this if required. Something simple in Blitz or AMOS. This would have to be a low-res 320*200 job to be compatible with all Amigas.

4) JavaScript version - (maybe, and only if it can do it) - just for completeness
Javascript cannot rotate images. Therefore you will need many many pre-rotated images. This will be impractical due to the sheer size of the graphics required. Note that the Javascript example recently uploaded used simple and small 2 colour graphics and was still large comparitively. If you wanted a 2/4 colour codewheel then use it could be done, but it would look naff.

But, this is going to make each one more complicated. As they should not be game-specific. Just provide the "engine". An ideal, I know - but it is my "vision" if you like...
Whilst I think this would be ideal I honestly do not think it is worth it as how many code-wheels are there? and they are all different. And besides, it would be relatively easy for the programmer/designer of each platform to make a new wheel based on the last. I suggest the source for these wheels on each platform is released just in case the programmer dies or gets bored. It's hardly source code worth ripping off as it's simple. This will hopefully also encourage more people to help out.

All CAPS-related scans will be 300dpi. This is big, and we know it - but are guessing it will be less and less of a problem as times goes by. It is "good enough" without letting people create professional level duplications (for obvious reasons).
I suggest 2 different things here - you have the original 300dpi's for your site and for people to download to print or whatever. The virtual software based codewheels use the smallest readable size. Or even slightly customised versions (i.e. fonts retouched) in the case of low-res systems like the Amiga (besides, the colours will have to be reduced to 32 in this case anyway).

Anyway, about your current Flash version:

3) I don't quite get the control system, is it easy to make it just "click (hold) and spin" ? (ah, I see - I have to be slow with it...)
If I had the knowledge (you are God Akira!) I would have done 2 things to the control system he made:

1 - Got rid of it ! I would have had arrows or something. You could also use left/right cursor keys to turn, and up/down cursors to select each wheel. It did seem a bit strange and I never quite new what direction to expect it to turn ! This would be more difficult with a 3/4 wheel coder.

2 - I would have made it so that it quickly rotates and snaps into the next position, rather than slowly rotate round.

On another note Akira, whilst I appreciate your work and the fact that you want to advertise yourself on the wheel, maybe you shouldn't be associating your legit honest web-design company with what is still classed in the eyes of some as piracy ? People on here will know who did it, and you'll still get the credit you deserve.
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