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Wow guys, you have been busy!

Amigaboy: Unfortuately we have to work from what was originally present in the game. So one scan for each wheel layer. Thus we need some rotation. Good effort though, I could see where you were going with that...

Jim&Akira: Even though you guys went ahead with it, I do still have some reservations about it being done in Flash. Also, I am pretty sure you *can* rotate images in JavaScript - I will have to look into it (I think the one I saw ages ago did it, but I could be wrong)

However, I must say - the results in Flash are pretty damn sweet.

So, I guess perhaps we can provide people with the choice?

How about many versions:

1) Flash version - for anybody that can use it.
2) Java version - for people who cannot use above (I can do this one)
3) Amiga version - as they probably cannot use either of the above (though the new Amiga's do Java AFAIK) - Done in whatever it best suited to the job.
4) JavaScript version - (maybe, and only if it can do it) - just for completeness

But, this is going to make each one more complicated. As they should not be game-specific. Just provide the "engine". An ideal, I know - but it is my "vision" if you like...

About about the scans:

All CAPS-related scans will be 300dpi. This is big, and we know it - but are guessing it will be less and less of a problem as times goes by. It is "good enough" without letting people create professional level duplications (for obvious reasons).

So, the images of each wheel will be 300dpi, and will be external to the engine (because of different games). For this reason it may also need to read a description file, but that is not a problem - because all CAPS releases *may* come with one anyway (to aid game front-end "viewer" writing (looking at boxes/disks in 2D and 3D perhaps, launching an emulator, etc.) So some extra codewheel tags is not a problem.

At the moment I can only think of needing "number of layers" and the filename for each layer - but Ithere may be other things needed. Does JPEG do transparency? We may need to use PNG to avoid some nasty issues.

These are all ideas, but it would be nice to get it all done for when CAPS start releasing stuff... So we don't have that long!

Anyway, about your current Flash version:

1) Is it possible to use Sane's scans as externals files at that quality?

2) Having it start "vertical" would also be nice... But that may require a rescan - or rotation of the current ones...

3) I don't quite get the control system, is it easy to make it just "click (hold) and spin" ? (ah, I see - I have to be slow with it...)

This is all ideas... Flame away
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