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Originally Posted by Peter View Post
Got my Xbox softmod installed ok... I have unleashx running (I know there are better dashboards) to start I just want to get mame running with a few games games but my older roms dont seem to run with any of the emulators out there... can anyone just point me in the right direction here...


I use the evox loader menu system and it works fine, i use coinops for mame, zsnes 2.9 for snes, Winuaex for Amiga ( i have it set up to load the whd images via a menu screen that offers the user to read the docs, cheats etc and then continue loading into the game. I am up to the letter "T" for finishing all the gamer loaders. I think it works pretty good, I'll post a video in a couple of days once i get a free bit of time, had a lot on the go lately.

One thing i had to do with winuaex is change all the default paths to the same directory as the emulator executable to make it easier to port to other people if they wanted to use the same structure etc.
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