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Originally posted by Frederic
Pretty cool, but lousy business practice, because it'll mean buying an AmigaOne will be superflous. i guess its like upgrading your existing Amiga.
I wouldn't say so.

The most people likely to still be buying Amiga products are the existing loyal Amiga users. I would be pi**ed off to buy a brand new Amiga and find it didn't run most of my old games.

But I think the AmigaOne will still have some takers providing it is marketed right. It will obviously start of as a small niche-market machine, but getting a user-base established is not a overnight thing. And once you get into the "good-circle" of more users you have more software/hardware, more users, more software/hardware, more users.......

Think of how many Amiga user's there used to be ? You only have to guess by looking at the magazine subscriptions, and I know many Amiga friends who never bought the magazines. All these ex-users are now mostly in their mid 20's to late 30's.

If a advert comes on during prime time selling a brand new Amiga (the Amiga is still alive/you thought we were dead etc...) AND they ram down people's throats the fact that you can still play your old games how many people are gonna be tempted ? Probably the majority of the people who would have maybe thought about a Mac for certain (they are more open-minded and would certainly look at it). Plus those people who reluctantly switched to the PC after the Amiga commerically died.

Apple managed to come back from the dead by releasing the iMac. The Amiga peolpe have to create one cool, competative product. It's not only the inside that matters, it's also the outside (e.g. iMac). But the Amiga name alone is still a valuable asset as it will evoke strong memories.

You show me one computer user who still doesn't sometimes think of his old computer and it's software ? I would say all computer users do it. We are just on the extreme scale and join "retro-boards" as we love to think about the old machines on a day-to-day basis.

Of course we would be kidding if we thought that it would take over the PC compatible's mantle as the No 1 selling machine, but given time I wouldn't bet against it selling above Apple.

Have I been taking my happy pills again, is this wishful thinking, am I just a eternal optimist ! ?
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