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So, if you can use this board to operate all and any A1 programs, on your Amiga 1200 [will it work on an Amiga 2500 or 3000?], then the only reason to manufacture an AmigaOne is because most Amiga 1200's are dead or on their last legs, correct?
Further, this means you can run Amiga OS 4 on an Amiga 1200 [or 2500 or 4000 etc]?
This means Burseg & Akira can use their old apps and games
and run Amiga OS 4.
Pretty cool, but lousy business practice, because it'll mean buying an AmigaOne will be superflous. i guess its like upgrading your existing Amiga. Why should anyone with a working Amiga 1200 buy a new AmigaOne? And Amiga, unlike Sony or Compaq etc, cannot afford to lose money on hardware. Unless, they don't even control the hardware. Its such a confusing operation. Not the kind of computer/software company that gives me confidence.
Please correct any wrong assumptions on my part hardware-wise.
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