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Hooooo now now :)

now now ladys hang on there is lots of different ideas whether people can run old amiga stuff amd morph os and whether this is a new amiga etc.........!

Wait till you get one or like me wait till the big boys get hold of it and see what they make of it and obviously when the price drops then everyone can afford one and see what the situation is then cos i have read lots on the amigaone and i even got an email back from eyetech telling me that it's cheaper to buy the amigaone oppose to upgrading a classic amiga like ppc accellerators and mediator boards etc....... cos at the end of the day if you choose to upgrade a classic amiga with mediators and ppc accellerators your mean't to be able to run OS4.0????????

But i am not sure what to do yet cos i love ELBOX and what they do. I also love my amiga but not to the extent of not being able to bring it up to date.The amiga classic add on card will come out cos there is so much on the internet about it and it seems a must for backward compatability even if elbox do it someone will (eventually) but thats something i can live without if i have to turn on myA1200 desktop for old games (there is enough emulators out there and pc's are getting more faster by the day so the amithlon will be good.

I think amiga sites have been giving to much away for free like adf games to download and lha files for this and that and people hacking the amiga for so long now that people won't spend money and expect the amiga to carry on but be cheap and free well when the day comes when eventually pc's are the thing of the past and there is sites galore with old dos game for download and drivers etc........then say microsoft or who ever owns the company or bill gates gets nuked by irakkees then people won't want to spend money on a new pc in the year 3000 and the amiga is not still surviving just on games m8 it has been networked and been used for internet and even used in tv programs for special effects so why would you not want to keep the amiga up todate instead of sitting like some sad fat OLD (born before the 80's) git with a transparent green glowing kempston joystick in your hand and getting more arthritus in your hands than you already have playing a game on an amiga.

If it was'nt for the pc's you probably would not be here today on this forum (unless like me i use the amiga on the net also)moaning about the amigaone you should be praising it shouting from the roof tops and dancing on your PC

Give amigaone a chance don't put it down before it starts so what amiga stuff is expensive you pay for quality if it was not quality stuff and well made then it would not last for ten years and still go round second hand buyers how long does pc stuff last i have bought stuff from car boots for pc and got home and it's dead.I have lots of amiga stuff thats working and going strong today no worries

The good stuff is made well

Anyway i'm off now so get saving your pennys and i will see you on here in the next year and if i was wrong about amigaone and it's success then i will give all my amiga stuff to you
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