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Originally Posted by peterdinosaur View Post
Thank you all for your informative posts.
There was mention of an accelerator card? Is that necessary for games or just makes them run smoother?? And isn't there only space for one expansion on the a1200?? I could be getting this all wrong.........
An accelerator card is both a CPU and RAM upgrade so no need to worry about having just one expansion slot Quite a few games will not benefit from having an accelerator (will not make a difference) but some A1200 games such as Gloom, Breathless, Alien Breed 3D etc.. and even some older titles will make use of the extra horsepower.
Some older pre-A1200 (OCS/ECS) games that had slowdown issues will run silky smooth on an A1200 with or without the accelerator

I personally use an E-Matrix 1230 expansion with a 40mhz 030 CPU and 16mb of RAM installed, it certainly makes a difference with my setup as i run Amigasys 4 AGA as my main OS which is fully loaded with all sorts

EDIT: i'm sure someone here will be able to gather up a list of games that will benefit from having an accelerator installed, I can only think of a few but i know there are more... and if you want to check out demo's from the old demo scene then an accelerator is highly recommended

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