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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
Back to your dungeon viewer, does it require accessing old save games in order to read the maps or what?
I've already extracted graphics and dungeon files from the disk images, so every needed files are included in the zip of the dungeon and sprite viewer.

As long as copyright holders don't disagree and because roms can be found everywhere on the net with a search engine, I'll put these files in the release.

I've included the Amiga, C64 and Apple II P3 dungeon files too. That was easy to make the viewer compatible with them because they differ little from the Atari version (structure is almost the same as well as data).
In fact the most painful was to extract files from the disk images. I already got WinUAE and Steem Engine for Amiga (.adf) and ST (.st) files, but i had nothing for C64 (.d64) and Apple II (.dsk).
I finally managed to extract them and I found some typos and scripts bugs fixed between versions.
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