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Originally Posted by PowerPie5000 View Post
Hi and welcome

Any fully working A1200 will do... if you want a clean white system then it will usually cost a bit more but the yellowed one's can be picked up cheap enough If it's for gaming then i would also recommend getting a ram expansion (at least 8mb) or possibly a decent accelerator (can cost quite a bit!). A hard drive or CF card loaded with ClassicWB and WHDLoad along with a load of games is also a good thing to have installed

Not sure what Joysticks you prefer but i personally like using the microswitched type (clicky)... Most common are the Zipstick and Competiton Pro models

Also i wouldn't worry about the Kickstart ROM versions too much as i've not noticed any difference between using version 3.0 and 3.1 for the A1200.
Welcome to the forums! Powerpie5000 has it pretty much answered with his reply - although even a 4mb ram expansion will do for WHDLoad, (which is also a HIGHLY recommended purchase if the A1200 is going to be used mainly for gaming).

If money isn't an issue, I'd recommend a scandoubler/flickerfixer like this:
You can then use a modern LCD etc. I'd also definitely look at the CF card option like Powerpie5000 mentioned, I have a 2Gb CF card as my hard drive, stuffed full of WHDLoaded gaming goodness!

For transferring files between PC and Amiga, using a CF card/PCMCIA adaptor is great. Have a search of the forums regarding this.

As far as joysticks, obviously personal preference will vary, but some "classics" are the Competition Pro series, the Zipstick, the Suncom TAC-2, various Quickshot joysticks, and many others. I also sometimes use a standard Megadrive/Genesis pad, (only button "B" works for fire, but it's a great pad for gaming)

Anyway, good luck with your purchases!
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