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If you scan it send the images to me please.

I can work on fixing them up proper (e.g. making the codes more readable) and you can work on the Flash code. Scan it at the max resoultion you can (I'm talking 4000 * 4000 or something). This will make the circle cutting/lineup easier.

Why not make it nice & smooth, and play the Monkey Island theme in the background or something ?

We could even go OTT and show the code somewhere else (e.g. bottom right corner) just for readability, but Fiath will be happy with the authenticity. This will require descrambling of all combinations but that's no too difficult either.

Hell, why not use a hand as a cursor.

And after X days the file can refuse to load as it says you've lost the wheel, and instead you get a maze game where you have to find it !

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