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Originally Posted by Kroah View Post
P2 on Atari shares about 80% of P1 code, but i don't think those remaining 20% are easy to port. The core engine of P1 evolved a little and some UI added/updated.
What's interesting is that it was listed on SSI catalog that P2 was coming out on the Amiga. Not sure what happened there, but it never made it.

But i don't think the Phantasie community is big enough to give someone the courage to work on this (given the time it would take...), not to mention the need to have both the knowledge of Atari and Amiga systems.
That's the issue I have as I don't know much about the Atari side of things. However, it seems to me that the game doesn't do any tricky system specific calls. Thus the functionality should be easier to implement.

I'm really surprised. Steem Engine is a well-known and remarkably stable Atari emulator. It comes with a powerful and intuitive debugger (the best i'm aware of). Compared with WinUAE debugger, it's night and day!
I did try out Steem and another emulator to get P2 running. Only one set of P2 images worked. That's about where I left it.

Some ideas I had in order to do this would be:

After finding a working P2 Atari image, the data files would need to be ported over. I prefer to do this via emulation directly, instead of copying the Atari images to disk and then copy the files to the Amiga side. In other words, I don't want to hook up my Amiga computer just to copy the files.

The Resource disassembler would probably be used to read the Atari files on the Amiga side. I would need to familiarize with it, which could take a long time.

Overall, there are a lot of challenges that I don't want to commit to by myself.

Back to your dungeon viewer, does it require accessing old save games in order to read the maps or what?
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