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Hi from the Netherlands

Hello from the Netherlands

I've been around here already after picking up my Amiga hobby again.
Started in 1982 when one of my old friends Onno introduced me to his C64.
Was hooked after playing with it a few times, but just couldn't afford one of my own.
He got an Amiga 500 in 1985 right after the introduction, was probably one of the first few to own such a machine in the Netherlands.
A few months after I got my own C64II and continued to play on his A500.
Got my own A500 from an aunt years later, dragged that thing to few computer clubs and expanded my disk collection to over 1200.
In 1994 I gave up the Amiga and started with pc's as I needed one for my education.
Did a few steps from a P75 to P300 and 450 and then went to P4 2.53GHZ and now a Core I7 975 with everyting on it.

Just recently picked up my Amiga's again from the garage and added one A500 to the already existing 2 A500's, 3 A1200's with 2 blizzard iv 1230's @ 50 mhz and 64mb and 1 mtec 030 and yesterday picked up an Amiga 4000/030, alot of euro's invested already, but worth it
The 4000's case isn't in great shape and so was it's battery, but I removed that with the help of a few posts and links here and some links on
I think once I have that amiga in a pc tower with atx psu and a few mods, it will be my workstation for all WHDload's and adf's that I need to drop on the A1200's.
Those 3 machines are fitted with CF cards and CC Reset fix and kickstart 3.1

So already learned a lot from this board and hope to learn some more and ofcourse try to help out when I can, I retained a lot of knowledge because I was up and running in no time, although I thought I would have forgotten most things

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