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I have uploaded (to the zone) a basic spinning flash example I made. This is the limit of my crap Flash capabilites.

Regulars might wanna check out the .swf file, Flash coders the .fla for the "source" (haha).

It is unusable as the windows don't change - I need the data to do this, and realise that this sort of thing is better left to a Flashy Flash person.

But once we have the GFX I can code a Amiga version if required.

This is just a test, Akira could work on this - i.e. put in some controls etc... and then we could make the windows transparent etc... and put in all the codes.

P.S. The rotation appears a bit dodgy, but I guess if I'd spent some more time tweaking the scans I could have smoothed out the overlay so no whitespace would appear.

Once we have a working Monkey Island version there would not be too much additional work required to do other codewheels.

I have a interest in this project as I used to love those codewheels !
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