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Can someone upload a example "pulled apart" codewheel image into the zone.

This can be from any platform/game - but please make sure it is at the best resolution possible.

If you don't want to upload, feel free to point me in the direction fo a website.

I'm not suggesting you pull your own codewheels apart and scan in all the layers, but you can if you want !

This is just so I could have a play.....

The only way in HTML would be to have a image of every rotation of each wheel, this would require a lot of space. HTML cannot rotate images on the fly, even DHTML cannot do this.

I would suggest something like a Flash solution for the PC/Mac, and then maybe a AMOS/Blitz Basic solution for the Amiga, as it is hardly rocket science and doesn't require C/Assembly.

The only work involved is tweaking the scanned graphics to ensure that:

They line up properly
The codes inside the windows are readable.
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