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Originally Posted by Pyromania View Post
My 2010 Amiga wish list? It's an easy one.

10 TeraHertz OctaCore A5000 Quantum Computer with 64 gate array parallel processing. Of course it would have seamless UAE integration too.

Maybe even a fresh copy of Amiga OS 5.0.
LMFAO, thats more of a day dream than a wish, lol.

My wish would be for new hardware that would run both PPC and 68k stuff seamlessly without the need to buy crap loads of extra hardware and setting loads of different software up, and at a decent price.

Oh and for Hyperion to get some actual games companies to port some of their new games to OS4.1 (like C&C3 / 4 and stuff like that). This would help sell alot more machines in my opinion.

Think that made some type of sence.

EDIT:- I really really wish for an A4000T (like the one I use at Amigakit), .
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