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8gb CF harddrive prep recommendations...

I have an 8gb CF card installed on my cd32. I would like to install ClassicWB on it, so I'm wondering what you guys would recommend for partition/harddrive preperation for it?

After digging through old threads on this forum it seems like making one large 8gb partition is not recommended because the harddrive may need to be revalidated, but it seems like using SFS fixes this issue. I was able to get an 8gb partition created with what I assume is SFS (yet all the tools in classicwb seemed to tell me it was OFS), and classicWB was running on it. However, the machine guru'd on a whdload game, and now I can't access the partition. I can just redo everything, but I'm hoping to avoid this problem in the future.

Any recommendations on partition sizes, filesystem to use and so forth?
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