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i love and also totally detest the N64 Zeldas

Ocarina of Time....

-the first three dungeons (Deku Tree, Dodongo's Cavern, Ice Cavern) are pretty good.
-the Temples are all right, but the Water Temple is awfully hard. The Spirit Temple
is probably the best.
-exploration is interrupted too often by dialogues
-there are too many dialogues, the text comes up to slowly, it can't be skipped or
sped through at all.
-the game makes you feel stupid, reiterating everything, like you're in your 8th
dungeon, and being told how to use a Dungeon Map (something you were told in the
very first one, and in the 2nd, 3rd aaaarghhh!)
-there are just too many cutscenes, yes they're pretty, they're cinematic, there's
just too many. I don't like being a passive observer for this long.

- the whole Gerudo thief area is cool; Ganondorf/Ganon is total win.

- Z-targeting rocks; fighting larger but more powerful enemies one-on-one is FUN
-mini-boss and BOSS battles are MAJOR FUN; all of them, without exception

-music is damn good, riding epona is just sheer fun.
-there are too many mini games.

other than the time of day thing, differences with Ocarina and Majora's are cosmetic:

--Majora's has more detailed polygon models and higher resolution textures on them
--Dialogue outputs in the dialogue screen much faster
--Dialogue can even be skipped through if the player has been through it once before
--Link (in human form) does more acrobatic jumps (twisting in the air etc) when he
simply jumps normally across platforms.
--when you press start to bring up status/inventory etc., it comes up quicker, and
the screens rotate around quicker.
--some mini cutscenes like speeding up or slowing down time can be skipped, as well
as putting on and taking off masks.
--many even unimportant characters make small vocalisations when in dialogue; in
Ocarina, I believe it was only very important chars like Zelda and Ganondorf who
made vocal sounds.
-- lighting seems to be a lot more moody
-- the game, while not bereft of humour, certainly is a lot darker and more moody.
Skull Kid slaps a fairy fair across the face for eg.

ocarina is probably the best one: the epicness wins.
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