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I dont know if i can help you but try this!

1. Double check that you have the Adaptec SCSI ASPI layer installed... use a favorite search engine to find an XPaspi install kit! XP does not have this as defualt!

2. Once thats been checked/installed start UAE and load your config file and make sure "Add PC drives at startup" is unticked!

3. Run the emulator and install IDEFix97! config the cd-rom to 0! and reboot the amiga with a cd in the drive

If it works you will know as the cd will start spinning as the amiga knows its there!

If nothing happens and the amiga kicks off about the scsi.device not working! shut it down and re-start uae and edit the config by turning off "USE ASPI SCSI layer" i know it sounds dumb but i had to do that once to make it work.
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