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Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
I once thought about porting the Atari version over
Yes i remember some of your posts.

P2 on Atari shares about 80% of P1 code, but i don't think those remaining 20% are easy to port. The core engine of P1 evolved a little and some UI added/updated.

If P1 on Atari is almost the same as P1 on Amiga (besides disk/os access and gfx), then updating the Amiga P1 engine using P2 on Atari should be doable (both systems are 68k).

But i don't think the Phantasie community is big enough to give someone the courage to work on this (given the time it would take...), not to mention the need to have both the knowledge of Atari and Amiga systems.

Originally Posted by demoniac View Post
but I never got help on finding a suitable ST emulator.
I'm really surprised. Steem Engine is a well-known and remarkably stable Atari emulator.
It comes with a powerful and intuitive debugger (the best i'm aware of). Compared with WinUAE debugger, it's night and day!
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