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Hi guys - I got the Xbox Bigass Emulator disk files downloaded (eventually) - didn't use any sort of download manager - three out of the four disks were fine - they all extracted into their own folders and I then burnt them via ImgBurn to DVD's - they all work on my Xbox.

The Mame disk (3a) files all downloaded ok - but when I extracted the files thus creating the ISO to burn, 7zip reported an error "Data error in baed3a mix.iso file is broken"
I end up with an ISO that is corrupt and obviously not able to be burnt.

The advice from the website forum is to download one set of files each day just in case it might be me downloading too much in one hit from the Megaupload website... I am not so sure about this because all the other downloads worked fine but I will give it a go.
I will report back here with any progress I make.

Thanks to jabsy for the original lead - these disks are really good.
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