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Workbench questions

With an Amiga 500 1.3:

Is it possible to view gif ( i use dispgif & it works fine, but perhaps there are better programs ), jpeg ( i have read there was a program called Jview for wk 1.3, but i haven't found it ) and png & tiff files ( i really don't know )?

If there is a PC program that allows to save a 4096 color image, with the same palette of Amiga OCS / ECS. 4096 = 2^12, so a 12 bpp image.

How to copy, from shell, a entire directory with subdir.

If there is a shell utility, for 1.3, with name completion ( like csh, ash or KingCon, but where i can find a 1.3 compatible version? )

How to change the wildcards and the name of the parent and the root directory, so to change #? with *, parent ( / ) with .. and root ( : ) with /, so like a Linux shell.

Last but not least, how to install msh to read 720k disks ( if it is possible with 1.3 )

Thanx in advance
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