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lol akira u really do scare me
i personally think the amiga demo compo at this years BP was even better than last year and yes i allso think eludes demo deserved its 1st place, it may be all 3d scenes, but they are very well executed imho. i especially liked the tunnel with the light flying through casting shadows on the walls, that looked super awesome. i must admit though, that i haven't checked it out yet on me own miggy, so the speed may be different in real life :P
my personal favorite in the demo compo though, have to be tulou's little sea adventure, really nice flow, really nicely executed scenes and a spot on style and i was surprised it didn't rank higher
biggest surprise though was ozone, i was just jumping around like a little puppy here when i saw the "fetish2 by ozone" , hell yea allways luved ozone stuff and my jaw dropped to the floor when i saw them back at least for one more ride, hope they stay a little longer
lastly it's a little sad that blueberry didn't get any competition in the 4k compo(stingray), but tbh his entry this year was just absolutely awesome, i am allways excited to see what he pulls off when he does his 4k magic, such a talented guy and truely amazing what this man can make an amiga do within such a limited size and by far the best amiga prod released at the party, at least that's what i think
end of textwall, cya guys
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