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Originally Posted by Philophus View Post
Totaly spoiled by the low framerate is a bit strong...the low framerate is evident due to pushing the AGA to limits we don't expect...i'm still in awe.
I think this demo was more about those limits being stretched.

They are all exceptional in different ways.
It's not pushing AGA at all, but it does push the CPU On the bigscreen the framerate was very choppy sometimes, and I think it was 66.67 MHz. Nothing like the fluid YouTube vid... So I agree a little with Stingray, when you require maybe 060@107 MHz to run it smoothly you're not really coding for a platform owned by very many people...

As always, you just sigh and shake your head at those inzaane Poles They make every demo as if they were making a demoreel for a job at Valve. I thought it was a bit grey and dark and choppy at the party but still liked it - mostly the ship and later the smoking crashed ship, despite the disturbance effect And the second half in general, although it would have been cooler with at least some kind of physics or realistic anim on the falling blocks.

I liked Metro Police for a bunch of reasons, Kraftwerk quotes and Slayer design/graphics. The design is good even though I agree it reminds of earlier demos. There is some good code, even though I enjoyed the textured objects at the end the most.

The most wtf/awesome Amiga release for me was Blueberry's 4K. It made me very happy and contented.
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