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We Come in Piece looks like its aimed to run best on a MorphOS setup running under its 68k emu. Totaly incompatable with WinUAE jit. I dont know what its like on a real amiga, but its not great even in winuae non jit. Its an RTG demo which can support aga (but i havent had aga output working in uae). It probably a good tech demo for showing streaming music while throwing lightwace objects around.

I dont mind watching these types of demos that try to pulloff pc demo style but done on anciant amiga hardware, but it does need to have somekind of direction instead of what looks like loads of random efefcts tied together. I think metropolice was the best of the amiga demos this year too .

Some switches to try if anyone is trying to run it. It will try to use cybergraphx by default (works with p96) and make adjustments if MorphOS is in use.

-8bit (14bit default)
-gui (mui morphos)
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