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Originally Posted by wilshy View Post
Absolutely. Remember that the world of music, let alone Amiga music, was very different in the 90s. While Ali Brimble was never the most technical of producers, often the end result was of classic status.
Personally I think Allister is very technical when it comes to producing. Perhaps I am biased having spoken to him many times about such things, but for me he has always paid close attention to small details especially when it comes to post production and the finalisation of various effects and mixing. His latest commercial works such as Sonic and Sega all stars racing on DS has had critical acclaim for the audio and anyone who listened to his very early CD works, would also see the tight attention to small details with the final sound.

I can also recommend listening to his recent stuff, for example search for "silicon heaven" which is a wonderfully styled combination of classic chip sounds with 1980's rock ballad guitar. Think c64/spectrum + Miami Vice perhaps :-)

His credit tune remake of his Alien Breed classic is also great (on xbox 360). Note his first two CD albums are freely downloadable from ExoticA - . The Sounds Digital CD is well known, but you might not have heard "Bang Tick Tick" which is a really fantastic audio trip for me.

[edit] and I almost forgot: for more of his recent remix stuff

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