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Originally Posted by Bronko View Post
Oh, and you couldn't extract the lift locations in level 5-2 ?
Those are hardcoded in the level's code blocks. I'm not going there, there be dragons

Originally Posted by Adropac2
This is perhaps the one game that deserves an editor the most.Turrican 2 revolves around it's fantastic atmosphere and being able to forge our own spaces would something very special

I'm suprised one hasn't already been done but hopefully this type of good work here will inspire one

Most of my time spent playing Oids on the ST is while in the editor making my own maps and it's a very satisfying thing to do.Same to with Halo Forge mode but you can't craft single player experiences from that one
As I mentioned before, it's possible, but with some big limitations. Maybe someone will figure out the rest one day. I'd really like to see an editor for this game, ever since I was bt a wee lad It's really satisfying to be able to craft an entire world a player can explore and move around in, and consequently play through a carefully crafted gameplay experience. I build Doom maps from time to time; there's still a very active community around that, with editing possibilities increasing year after year.

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