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Ocarina was and still is very awesome but also Majora's Mask that followed it- MM is a very beautifully unique game that's easily as great as Ocarina and Past

These days with games like Twilight for example, i find the experience a little too easy, to the point that it's become a little insulting- Twilight basically saw link go into one dungeon and then practically into another with the last few dungeons, such was the nature of the lead you by the hand design adopted here.I did however adore the art style and usual flair Nintendo has for realising quirky yet not over the top characters.Wind Waker was gorgeous and charming and oh so believable but it was too short and easy once again

Iv'e heard the ds versions are also very easy which is a shame as to me, Zelda is about being stuck, especially outside dungeons where you are led clue by clue- certainly not in Twilight though i remember
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