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Those "unkown" things are very interesting, as I know, what they are!
In Turrican II for the C64, those are the places, where there is an enemy, that is missing in the Amiga version!

Everytime, you shoot that thing, it moves in your direction.
When it explodes, it shoots two star-thingies at you...

What makes them really nice is, that in the C64 version the power blocks are NOT invisible in this level, and just look like that enemy!

A shame, they didn't implement it on the amiga... even more a shame, as it seems, everything was allready set up for it.


Those zap's appear on the C64 version as well, in the water pools. But I remember seeing them on the Amiga, too.


Want to know more things, you are missing, when playing TurricanII on the Amiga?
[ Show youtube player ]
You can see the "Unkowns" in action in this video, too.

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