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Originally Posted by tsaw View Post
I D/l'd the file, Extracted it with win rar. Then installed it. I never burned a cd/dvd.

All the pre installed games and demos work.
Ah, wait. Have you got the Value Edition, then, or the Plus Edition?

If you have the Value Edition, you will not have compatibility with Workbench 3.1 or its hardfile.

If you have the Plus Edition, then all the files for running Workbench 3.1 should be included. It's just a matter of chosing the correct hardfile, rom and Amiga 1200 to emulate and click OK, then the emulatioon should run.

When you have it running, insert your HiSoft Basic .ADF in DF0: and install that too. There isn't much to install from that disk.

If there is not enough room on the Workbench 3.1 hardfile, you will have to create a larger hardfile and copy everything from the existing one over to that before runing the emulation again with the new hardfile as the boot drive and then try to install HiSoft Basic once more.
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