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Originally Posted by KONEY View Post
Personally I don't care if he using external hardware or not, everybody does even in "modern" lives with laptops so it would be perfectly expected.
no one is debating that.

just dont go claiming its "all amiga" when it clearly isnt.

wilshy - perhaps i was unclear, when i said it was effects heavy, i wasnt trying to state that 101 different effects were used, just that there is generally effects used throughout. (i dont agree with you though that it is "the odd twiddle of EQ and effects." - it is more than that to achieve this kind of result, you even highlighted it yourself in talking about the use of delays. you arent the only qualified muso here you know - i too have worked on professional productions )

He could have done exactly the same things by recording the two Amiga's outputs onto two CDrs and using two CDJs decks.
agreed, but it is still nice that it was original hardware being used for playback!
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