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Originally Posted by Cammy View Post
Hi everyone,

Since it seems like there haven't been any entries submitted and it looks like two months isn't enough time for this competition, we decided that we will extend the Retro Remix Amiga Game Making Competition for another month to give more people time to work on their entries and polish them up. The competition will now end on the 30th of April.
Sorry, I stated I would send an entry and I had theorically plenty of time for my project, but real life interfered the (very) hard way. When I finally decided a game to remix RetroMadrid focused all my attention for two weeks even though this year I was only assisting as a mere visitor. Right after that there were two consecutives deaths in the family in less than a week, both long awaited after long exhausting terminal phases, but no less devastating anyway. When It was all over, there was the affair with a rather obscure bug in the AMOS compiler wich prevented the compiled version of my christmas non-entry game to work on 68000 based Amigas. Thanks to the help of the people at the AMOS Factory a workaround was found (now you can find version 1.00 at its page). When I took a breath, deadline was just a few days ahead.

Now thanks to this extension my project still goes on and an extra month will be more than enough (I hope!!! ^_^'). By the way, It's going to be yet another text adventure (it's just my favourite genre!), so sorry for those of you who donĀ“t like that kind of games, I really hope there will be more entries closer to your tastes!

I received some nice feedback from my last christmas adventure in the form of several bug reports (which were much appreciated!) but all of them came from non native english speakers. I would just like to know how terribly wrong my english actually sounds to all of you so I can have a glimpse of how much effort I should invest in a proper proofreading this time. I'm thinking of fooling the corporate english teacher at my job into making a proofreading of my adv as an exercise for his class, so I could simultaneously have some fun with my fellows at job, proofread the thing, and make some proselitism of retrogaming, text-adventuring, and the Amiga itself all at the same time . But first of all I need some honest opinions about how badly it was done from anyone who played it (native english speakers preferably), I mean just bad? horribly bad? unacceptably bad? you know...

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