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It looks more like one of the new Behringer mixers than a DJM800, just to correct what was said above. Loaded with effects. But just to pick up Horace a little, there wasn't that many effects used. Mainly the ubiquitous filtering, which become so popular with DJs when Allen & Heath decided to give DJs a filter knob on the Xone 62. Overused.

I've managed to DJ for many years without the need to use effects that much, so it is a lie to say "as much as anyone would use it in a live performance." - something like that is totally dependent on the individual performer.
Agreed. I'm never one for filtering when DJing. Creative EQ use has always been the way to do it. A lot of DJs cheated when effects become available, allowing them to blend 2 tunes easier with a simple delay as you take the crossfader over to the next tune. It can be used creatively but more often than not used to cover up shoddy mixing. I've always kept it simple, 2 or 3 decks, EQ and tunes.

Delays are used alot in that vid, with a smattering of other effects near the end. Not a bad tune, not my cuppa though. Essentially just dancing around to his own tune on a sequencer with the odd twiddle of EQ and effects.
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