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Hi everyone,

Since it seems like there haven't been any entries submitted and it looks like two months isn't enough time for this competition, we decided that we will extend the Retro Remix Amiga Game Making Competition for another month to give more people time to work on their entries and polish them up. The competition will now end on the 30th of April.

I'll repost the rules again just so everyone is clear on them. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the rules, I want this to be a fun and enjoyable competition for everyone!

1. This time, we're giving you two months to work on your game. If your game isn't finished by the end of the time limit (April 30th), upload it anyway but have at least one playable level or a demo of the game completed.

2. The game you make for this competition must be playable on either classic OCS or AGA Amigas. This way, it'll reach more people who have classic hardware, or have access to UAE. If you want to port your "remixed" game to another system - AROS, MorphOS or OS4, feel free to as long as your final competition entry will work on a classic Amiga.

3. The game you "remix" must be based on an already existing game on any system (including Amiga) and you must clearly state in the ReadMe file which game you are basing it on too. For example, a remake of arcade classics such as Pac-Man and Space Invaders or any game you like. Sometimes the more simple games are more fun!

4. Ripped graphics are allowed, but keep in mind that enhanced or new graphics can sometimes improve your chances in the competition.

By the way, any programming language and game-making tools you want to use for the competition are allowed as long as the final game runs on a classic OCS/AGA Amiga, either on real hardware or through emulation. This includes the use of game editors such as Backbone, GRAC, GRAAL, SEUCK and Reality.

Also, here's a link to the previous competition page - http://amigachristmastree.condor.ser...mpetition.html in case anyone missed it and needs inspiration/motivation to work on games for this Retro Remix competition. If you need help at all, please ask on the forum too, I'm sure there's going to be someone who can help you out!

Thank you to everyone who offered prizes for this competition, it would be very much appreciated by the Amiga community and myself. If you have a serious offer for donating prizes, please private message me and let me know so I can add it to the prize pool. Maybe having more prizes will motivate people more.
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