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I would use a CF or SD card on a small adapter rather than a hard drive, because they're faster, cooler, silent, and use no extra power like the hard drive will, so you won't risk overloading the weak PSU. 4GB is enough for Workbench, all the applications you need, and thousands of games.

If you can't find a trap-door RAM/CPU card, you might want to use a 2MB PCMCIA SRAM card for now, which will boost your A1200 up to 4MB, which is plenty for most WHDLoad games (where only 2MB is not enough for most installed games).

You can get the CF/SD adapters, as well as other useful, inexpensive expansions such as the RGB-S-Video adapter here -

The SD adapter costs more than the CF adapter, but SD cards are much cheaper and easier to find than CF.

You can get 2MB PCMCIA SRAM here -

What else do you want to do with your A1200? For playing games, you might want a control pad -
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