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Hi Iridium,

What I suggest you do is setup workbench full on your PC under WinUAE then all you have to do is put the CF-IDE/CF Card in your amiga and it should boot into your newly installed Classic Workbench

How are you with winuae?

You're going to need, WinUAE, 3.0 or 3.1 Rom and either a WB3.0 or 3.1 ADF. I suggest the full set of 3.1 ADF's so you can update the install to 3.1 when prompted.

Plug you CF card into your CF reader on the PC (Hoping you have of of these)

Start WinUAE
Setup your config with the Rom etc.
Add your CF as a hard drive (you must have stated WinUAE with the disabledrivesafetycheck)
Insert the WB3.1 Install ADF
The hit Run.

You should see a WB 3.1 screen and the WB3.1 Icon, double click on the WB3.1 Icon and browse to HDToolbox, I think from memory its in the HDTools drawer (sorry I'm at work - working honest gov)
Run HDToolbox & setup your CF card, you might have to define new card and save the changes before you can format/partition it.

I suggest 500mb for DH0 (sys), 1.5gb for DH1 and 1.7ish (or whatever is left) for DH2 unless you want more partitions...

Once setup save your changes and restart WinUAE.

At this point you'll need to hit run again go back in the workbench screen you should see 3 icons for your partitions, you need to format each one (quick) and give it a volume lable i.e system, work & games.

Once they're all done restart WinUAE.

Next remove the hard drive you added, eject the install 3.1 ADF and add the ClassicWB HDF as a virtual drive.

Hit run and you should see the CWB install screen? It will prompt you to insert the Workbench ADF's to setup CWB. Once you've done that restart again and add your CF as a 2nd Hard drive again and hit run.

Now you should boot into classic workbench but you should also be able to see your hard drive icons.

Run Dopus and copy everything in DH0 (select all) to your new (DH0 which may be called DH0_1 but this will only apply in WinUAE)

Once its all copied you should be good to stick it in the A1200 and see if it works.

Really hope I got all the steps right there as this is from memory, I don;t think I missed anything. If you need to expand on anything let me know.

Work is slow today...

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