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BlizKick + A1200/030 on CF-drive

I've been using BlizKick for about 10 years to kick my 3.0-equipped A1200 into KS3.1. Some days ago I bought a CF-to-IDE adapter and a 2gb CF card, to replace the old mechanical drive, and now I have the weirdest issue... BlizKick gives me a "couldn't kick '<romfile>'" error when the CF-drive is connected to my IDE port, but when I have my normal mechanical 2.5" drive connected instead, it kicks just fine as always (obviously). The ROM file is entirely fine, verified to be identical with the one on the mechanical drive (no file-copying errors spooking around).

I've tried both the old version of BlizKick I used since the 90s, and the latest version from 2007. I've even tried just booting up from a blank floppy with the CF drive connected, and still same result.

For what the info is worth, I'm on a blizzard 1230-iv, 32mb of ram, no scsi-card mounted. The filesystem on the CF drive is SFS, if perhaps the loading of the filesystem driver might be what's causing it.

Any advice? Anyone seen this before? I'm at a total loss as to how the device sitting at the IDE port could even affect this...
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